eggcrate heat register

How do I measure?

Measure the dimensions of the duct opening only. Make sure you have about one inch on all four sides of the hole for the lip to rest on. If that is problematic then please call us for advice.

What are the hole shapes?

They are approximately square, maybe around an inch. However, we can make rectangular openings if you need them. Call for details.

I have a strange sized opening. Can you make something for it?

Quick answer...yes. However, only in a cold air return. Yes, I suppose we could do it in the register style with the squares instead of rectangles, but we are talking quite a bit more money since the jigs are not set up for squares.

I want an eggcrate register that looks like the flush mount style but doesn't have a frame and is straight up and down on the sides. Can you do that?


Can you stain them some color?

No, you'll have to do that yourself. Experiment on the back first.

I don't see the wood I want. Can you get my wood?

Probably. Call us and we'll talk.

Can I shave one side down and make the lip narrower?

Probably not. That is likely to affect the joinery...and not in a good way.

Can you make them thinner? That is, less than the standard 3/4 inch?

Yes, there is a small upcharge for that. Remember that the thinner you get the less sturdy they will be.

What is sturdier...eggcrate registers or typical louvered wood registers?

Eggcrates are sturdier.

I was going to paint them. Is that a good idea?

Sure, why not. But the standard wood (oak) may have too coarse a grain structure to look good with paint on it. You'll probably want to use a grain filler first, or even easier just get them in maple (which has a tight grain structure). It is best to remove dampers with a screwdriver first so you don't get paint on them. It's easy.