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Eggcrate heat registers!

Eggcrate heat registers are a superlative way to greatly enhance the vintage appeal of your older home. Or perhaps you are building a new construction house and desire to recreate the old school appeal often found in bungalows, American foursquares, Prairie school, appropriately named superbungalows, spanish revival, Italianate, shingle style, or any of the many constellations of house styles that have charming appeal. Many times an vintage home will have an eggcrate style cold air return, usually in a bad state of repair after many decades of service. Not only will these specialized floor registers be an appropriate complement, but we can also provide the cold air return in the similar style. Eggcrate registers are particularly appropriate for craftsman bungalow homes which were typically constructed between 1900 and 1925. These often feature oak flooring and grid style patterns very similar to what you see in these registers. However, these also look great in Victorian houses, colonial revival, and 50's retro. Furthermore, even a log cabin or lodge or other rustic design would benefit from the tasteful eggcrate heat registers motif. Curiously, eggcrate style work very well in ultra-contemporary structures as well. It is versatile and classic.

for historic restoration . . . or contemporary look

Commercial buildings that want to create or maintain a clean look are also well advised to consider eggcrate styling for the HVAC systems. In all decor it is a good idea to stay with classic designs that won't be out of date soon and require expensive updating. It is difficult to get a more classic look than that of an eggcrate register. There is a little construction time involved, but it is relatively minimal. Consult with us for an idea of lead times, and try to plan ahead a little bit with your project. You'll be glad you did.

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You'll like the quality of construction, which is easy to see by the detailed eggcrate heat registers pictures on our website. The joinery is solid and built to last. Additionally, all common sizes are available with or without an airflow regulator. If you have an existing oak floor you'll probably find it is made of red oak, which is the most popular wood used for hardwood flooring. White oak is also a standard wood and worth considering. Red oak and paint grade maple are our standard woods, but we also offer about a hundred additional tantalizing types of wood all the way from alder to zebrawood. Usually customers want a surface mount register for use with an existing floor, however if you are laying a new wood floor you may very well want a flush mount register complete with frame. It is an elegant look and is worth the extra installation effort if you are going for a high class job. The most important aspect of purchasing an eggcrate register, or any other register for that matter, is to accurately measure the duct opening. when ordering multiple units, do not assume that all the floor vent openings are the same dimensions. You would be surprised at how often the duct openings vary greatly in size. Let's minimize problems and take an extra minute to get things configured correctly.